What is E-Commerce?

One of the most important activities in internet is shopping. Online shopping is shortly known as e-commerce. It is a segment of a larger business model. As it consists of purchasing, selling and exchanging goods over computer network like internet. it commonly known as electronic marketing.

Advantages of E-Commerce

  • It improves the brand image of the company
  • 24/7 buying and selling
  • Customer can do shopping by sitting at home in front of the system
  • Customer can select product easily from different providers

Why e commerce?

As on-line stores becoming common place every where and currently in use by many people. Many products are available in E commerce website now a day’s. It taps into social media online sales are growing faster than offline. By using smart phones also customers are buying goods by downloading apps like flip kart, voonik shopclues, limeroad etc.

Customer will get our products at our doorstep with the help of e commerce services. As we don’t have to spend time and money for travelling. One can log on to internet and can buy the products at any time by clicking on to the mouse.

E-Commerce Growth in India

E commerce in India has seen a massive growth in last five years. Demand for e commerce increasing day by day because technology has made easy for customers to shop online by sitting at home.

India is on route of becoming world largest fastest growing in e commerce as it expanding rapidly more and more customers are getting their products in online.